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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

from the slack blogger desk

A few months ago I joined
Whoophy it's great if you like to display your photo taking. There are competitions too.
I'm not a fantastic photographer, but I love picture taking and checking out what other people take. I also have my photo blog which I neglect very often, but hope to put up some new stuff at some point. But Whoophy is alot of fun and you can vote on other peoples work too.

I also found a lovely website from the side bar of Dymphna's Well so thanks! It's on my sidebar now called "Light a candle" so if you would like to light a candle, just click there. I light candles alot, for many different reasons, mainly as inspiration through my prayers or at mass, in thanksgiving or for other special reasons, so why not online?

In other news, I have my immigration interview comming up soon, I don't have an exact date but it should be in August, please pray for it to go well, it will determine whether I can move to the USA or not. There have been delays in the past but hopefully all that is behind us.

There has been some great reading around the blog world, especially the exciting news of Antonia and Chris' upcomming wedding! Not to mention the great trip to Rome they are planning.

ST.Peter's Helpers has been blogging on the Holy Father's trip to the Aosta Valley, it's been great to read about that because my mum lived there and I would love to go some day.

Jonathan has written about todays feast day which is the Feast of SS Joachim and Anne

I can't believe reality tv these days, there is a new program to air called
Bride Wannabe where some girl tries to find herself a husband to be, and plan a wedding in 9 weeks.
I doubt that is taking marriage seriously, 9 weeks in the public eye and then marriage? is that possible for a happy ending? You never know, I hope so for their sake anyway.
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Prayers for your immigration interview!

3:52 AM  

Well, my brother and his first wife did the 9 week thing--met in May married in August. Notice I said first wife. The divorce was quite bitter.

4:41 AM  

No way that Bride Wannabe will find a man to marry and have a lasting relationship. I would bet on it.

12:43 PM  

HI CARMEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

its been entirely too long lol.

I agree, 9 weeks is nothing, thats way too short. You'll end up marrying someone you don't even know. Especially in the public eye, everyone knows that people dont act the same in front of a camera like they do in real life.

but then again, love is fate, so you cant dismay the entire process, maybe thats how god intended some people to meet. who knows.

All I know is, its good to be back in the blog scene =) hope your summer, or winter, I dunno, is going well though>

5:53 PM  

A good picture will last a lot longer than 9 weeks, which is about the time I give for 99% of these marriages to fail.

6:59 PM  

Thank you so much, your prayers are very much appreciated.

I'm sorry his marriage didn't work out, but we hope that this next one is full of blessings!

I would bet on that too.

You are right,who knows what will happen, hopefully for their sake it goes well and there is no divorce.
It's good to have you back finally, my winter is going great, the sun is always shining it feels like spring. I hope that your summer is going well too.

I wonder how weird it must be trying to get to know someone and also to try and be yourself with cameras in your face! =)

8:15 PM  

Some people will do anything to be on tv... to me that is desperation. 9 weeks, how do you build a healthy relationship... planning a wedding is stressful, so you should have a strong relationship before you even think about it. (but you know all this don't you... lol! you are after all the bride to be!)

3:32 PM  

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