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Monday, June 12, 2006


My posts have been rather short, but I have been spending more time reading and have also decided to attack my garden! I don't like spending too much time doing that but the end result is great. I have also been jogging and haven't started any of those fitness classes that I wrote about once, it's mainly a time and distance issue, fuel costs are through the roof now.
I was reading a magazine that we get free from my Church every few months called "Australian Catholic" and while reading it referred readers to some websites, I found one of these sites to be pretty awesome in my opinion, it's
Jesus Decoded
I believe in Jesus celibacy 100% for many many reasons, here is an article from "Jesus Decoded" in regards to the celibacy of Jesus Christ , called non other than Celibacy of Jesus
There has been different talk out there about this, and alot of it is complete waste of time when it goes in the most obsurd direction.

A quick update (especially for Stef and St.Peter's helpers) Australia beat Japan in the world cup soccer, YESSSSS!

I keep updating this post through my day, and just want to add that this is on my next shopping list , anyone read it?

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great minds think alike! if you look at my blog i wrote about the same thing today . . . my garden . . . i stepped out on the edge and even bought flowers this year . . . but i guess you all "down-under" are on the other side of the season . . . humm . . .

10:29 PM  

Gosh, wasnt it a brilliant game last night??? The japanese CHEATED the entire game!!! Ha! They cheated and we STILL won! They got PUNKED!!!!!!!1

11:04 PM  

David we sure do! Yeah it's winter here and I was cutting and cutting rose bushes! I even have the scratches to prove it! Next it's the weeding =(
You should take a photo of your garden when it's in full bloom and show us!

You stayed up late too? Yeah the Japanese team did cheat with the first goal and one of them was a complete sook, the guy that fell over when the australian offered to pick him up off the ground was a complete baby lol.

1:24 AM  

Goooaaaal!!! Congratulations Carmel! Rooting for Australia too.

9:43 PM  

By the way, Carmel... I bought the Pope's book but haven't read it yet. I bought too many of his books at one time and just can't catch up. I've just started the Spirit of the Liturgy. But I'm sure this one is really good.

9:45 PM  

Yeah, I bought the book too and I haven't read it yet, either. I still have to finish Spirit of the Liturgy first!

6:14 AM  

And yes, I'm pretty happy about the soccer!!

6:15 AM  

Hello Carmel! This was an interesting link thanks for sharing it. I am not the most religious person in the world but I do enjoy others views on the subject.

I didn't think the Aussies were into soccer either!? Wasn't that a big upset that they won? I just don't see how something that can end 0-0 can be exciting. haha! I'll be skipping the world cup.

Have a good day

1:49 PM  

LOL the japanese were a bunch of girls.... seriously, one slide tackle and the rest of the team fell down in sympathy pain!!! hahahhaha.

6:45 PM  

reading is always good :) .. and ofcourse taking care of the garden .. post pictures of your garden

8:13 PM  

Oh you root for Australia! Nice to be on the same side =)
Spirit of the Liturgy is something I should read too, i'm visiting a bookstore and i'm going to spoil myself a bit.
You are being cheeky! It doesn't end with "oo" It ends with "oo's"
I will do that then, but only AFTER the weeds come out!

11:38 PM  

Jess! I will have to update your link soon, and yeah they were a bunch of girl, especially that one in particular, he needs his mummy ;)

11:39 PM  

haha Do you play soccer carmel?

Just can't get into it, it put me to sleep the other day

12:44 PM  

That absurd talk about Christ having children and stuff is really based on fantasy. No basis for that opinion at all, really.

Great post...

9:39 AM  

Yeah just like the talk about him being gay along with the apostles =)

3:41 PM  

No I don't play soccer, honestly it bores me the rest of the year. I did play some soccer in high school and thought it was fun.

3:43 PM  

Copngrats on the big win! woooweeeee!
Thought I'd stop by, it's been a while.
What a great name for the story!

7:02 PM  

Starbender it has been too long yes! I have not been keeping up with things alot lately :/ I'm also blogging very boringly too I admit.

2:40 AM  

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