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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The light of making things right.

I have been reading some of the Chronicles of Narnia (thanks to a gift from Jonathan). I normally cannot concentrate on fictional books for long, but this book has been rather captivating.
Not so long ago I was lucky enough to watch "The Lion the witch and the wardrobe" on DVD, and enjoyed it. I'm very attentive to sounds and I feel that they add to a movie or play immensely, and at all times capturing the mood that is meant for the scene. My favorite sound in this movie was the sound of the lamp burning in Narnia. I decided to look around the internet for what possible symbolism this lamp added to the story. Being put there by the witch, would make one assume that it was a bad thing. But it was used for good, so then the lamp represented perhaps that God can use something meant for evil, and turn it into something good.
So this can reflect your life in a sense. Past mistakes are things we don't like to think about, I often shudder at my own. But being repentant and moving on with your life, can turn those mistakes and even bad things we have done, into a learning experience. We can use our mistakes to help others not go there and by leanring from them, we can give advice to anyone who asks, or someone we recognize as going down the same path.
In the same way (and of course with His uniqueness) God can be the light, that turns our wrong doings into something that can do good.
God's message of doing good and thinking of others, can go a long way. This also brings to mind, forgiveness and to accept ourselves and others, no matter what we/they have done.
I'm not the most wise person on earth but felt like writing whatever was in my mind today, and since I havent' been able to add much , so there you have it. :)

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."
posted by Grace B at 1:26 AM


Beautiful reflection Carmel! Thanks for sharing. Without the Light of Christ, where would we be? When I think of good and bad things that happened in my life, I am in awe of the Love and Mercy of God. Awesome!

4:38 PM  

That is so true and timely Carmel! God can indeed turn all our failings and sin into something good when we repent and come back to Him.

8:46 PM  

St Peter's and 4HC,
Thank you! I'm glad someone made sense of my ramblings =)

1:47 AM  

I think I might be the only one on this free earth who hasn't seen this movie or read the book!

Great insight and reflection I enjoy reading your blog.

9:33 PM  

I remember reading the Narnia books in 3rd Grade (or was it 4th?) and I had no idea of the Christian symbolism and allegory each book represented. Now years later I can read the same books and get a different persepective on them. Thats the joy of reading!

12:51 PM  

Thanks Phats, I like reading yours too!
Jack, same here, I used to watch it when I was a kid and had no idea lol.

4:26 PM  

Carmel ~ i have a hard time forgiving, myself and others.

not the wisest person?? i'll let you in on somethin.

u can read all kinds of fancy tomes from times past, glean secrets of the ages, and yet if one cannot realise the simplest things

..what point iz there?

4:37 PM  

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