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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Our weekend

This thursday Jonathan and I went to one of the best places I have visted. Jonathan has already posted on it so I will link to it
posted by Grace B at 6:41 AM


Thank you Carmel. I just left a note for Jonathan. I see both of you are doing some pilgrimages.

8:29 AM  

So are you and Jonathan an item? Is that inappropriate to ask? if so sorry haha.

We have a place in Indiana called Amish Acres, it's in Napanee, my girlfriend is actually from there. She is not amish btw, anyway it's a neat experience. I am starting to wonder if i am the only person who hasn't seen Narnia??

Have a great rest of the wkend :)

4:08 PM  

Carmel, sounds like the perfect day! Sounds like U'r having fun, and that's all that matters.

8:43 PM  

btw, I luv'd Narnia! They did a fantastic job!

8:44 PM  

hum . . . oddly enough, jomathan apparently lives about an hour and a half from us . . . have a great time enjoying your time with him and seeing the sites . . .

10:14 PM  

We both read your note, thank you! It's always a blessing to read your thoughts. I have enjoyed the pilgrimages alot.

Yes, Jonathan and I are an item. No it's not innapropriate to ask at all. I think maybe one night when you have nothing to do you can watch Narnia!!

WE had a great time, and yeah narnia was very well done, you must have good taste ;)

Wow! that close? We drove out for a little while to see this place, but hey nice to know you guys are nearby.

Have a great Holy week everyone!

4:38 PM  

Have a blessed Triduum!

7:09 PM  

hey Carmella! You must bre back in Oz by now, hope you had a safe trip and you are not too upset :(

12:25 AM  

hey Stef!! Yes im upset, but had a great time, i'm soooo soooo tired, I can barely think straight.

12:28 AM  

It is very cool that you guys got to do all of that. Sounds like a lovely day! :) I left Jonathan a little comment too! :) I have never been to an Amish village, I bet it would be fun!

6:34 AM  

Have a holy triduum and a blessed Easter, Carmel!

7:30 AM  

Danny and 4HC, thank you so much for the wishes, same to you both xxx Oh and of course everyone else!

3:03 PM  

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