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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

out in the sun!

We had some better weather a few days ago, so
Jonathan and I went out hiking. Some of the parks around here are just gorgeous! We have been jogging out there too, it beats the indoors of the gym. Well here is a picture I took on our hike:

There are some geese in that pic but you can't see them.

Also for the first time ever I saw a ground hog! He or she was so cute, and I took some pictures, but you can barely see it. I also saw 2 groundhogs fighting after I threw some strawberries out for them, perhaps I won't do that again!
This groundhog lives under the shed in the yard.
So here is my evidence of my sighting! If you look hard you will see a brown object, that will be it lol.

So there is not much else to tell except for that we are going to visit a shrine this weekend, it's about a 2 hour drive or so from here. And tonight we are going out for dinner, which I always love to do!
I am loving it here and don't want to go back yet!
I still have a while at least.
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Man that first picture is awesome! You're right though, I could not see the geese! It sounds like you too are having a blast! Glad you finally got some good weather!

8:12 AM  

THose photos are beautiful, Carmel! Wow, I'm glad to see youre having such a wonderful time :)

More pics!!
and omgoodness, that puppy LOL it looks like shes raedy for a hot date!!! LMAO!

8:32 AM  

I always love getting outside and walking, hiking, biking, just about anything! Great pictures!

9:00 AM  

hehe We have a whole family of groundhogs living around our house. They're HUGE lol I think they scare my cat.

2:25 PM  

wow! looks like you are having a great time! A ground-hog! cool! Will this be where you will live next year with Jonathan?

3:15 AM  

We have Canadian Geese and groundhogs here as well as deer. I love seeing wildlife.

5:21 AM  

Heather, thank you! I'm glad you like it,

Thanks , yeah i'm having a good time, the weather has warmed up thank Goodness.

Yeah i'm all for getting outside, but only in good weather! Thanks i'm glad you like the pics.

Kristi sue,
I think they are so cute!

Thanks! Yes this is where we will be living after we get married.

I love wildlife too!

6:28 AM  

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