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Monday, March 27, 2006

Stef in Thailand

Stef has some great photos of her time in Thailand, my favorite one is of her teaching the monks! Go Steffi! If you want to see her photos go here
posted by Grace B at 11:12 AM


I was looking at them just now. The people and the sceneries are beautiful. Thanks for the post.

4:42 PM  

The people look sooo happy there!
I have such a longing 2 travel somewhere~~ANYWHERE!
Calgon~take me away!
Thanx 4 the link, I enjoy'd the photos! Carmen~~It's over 40 degrees!!! WoooooWoooo!

6:42 AM  

I would like to go there someday to meetthe Monks. Hey, people don't eat dogs there, do they? Just checking . . .


8:05 AM  

Great pics, thanks for sending me there!

8:41 AM  

St.Peter's Helpers, you are welcome!

Starbender, I am slowly defrosting my body LOL

I sure hope they don't eat dogs!

8:42 AM  

Kristi, I didn't see your message, so...Youre welcome! I am glad you liked those, Thailand looks nothing short of beautiful. =)

8:55 AM  

Great pics :D

9:19 AM  

So thats why :) I was just wondering that I got so many comments and I thought I should Check Carmels blog and now I know why ;) Thank you for the advertisement! It is good to share these pics. I have heaps more and I will post more.

1:04 PM  

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