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Monday, March 20, 2006



I can't remember what Jonathan called these bushes, but they are so pretty! My photo taking skills are not fantastic but I had to go out and get a picture. Now I hope spring weather gets to Ohio very soon!


posted by Grace B at 5:30 AM


Forsythia. Only a few of the earliest are blooming here in New England, so far. Ohio must be having a milder winter than Boston. In fact, it has been downright chilly the last week here.

7:57 AM  

You beat me to it! Yes, they are forsythia. Ours are just now starting to come out here in PA--or at least the ones in my yard are not quite out yet. Forsythias have always been inspirational to me. A sure sign of Spring on the way!

8:20 AM  

Thanks Thomas, that's what they are! I forget too easily.
I think they are just gorgeous, I have only seen them in Ohio. I don't know if Australia has them or not, but they are lovely. Come spring!

9:14 AM  

They are beautiful bushes! I don't think we have them this far south... Our Azaliyas (sp?) are in bloom right now, and I am just in love with them... they are bright pink, red, white, and mixed white with pink centers. I have never seen so many! Spring is awesome. :) Glad you are enjoying yourself in the states!

11:25 AM  

Sprite, I bet my late mil's azalias are blooming now as well. My own mom never had any luck keeping hers alive! Every mother's day she asked my dad to get her one--and he did--to replace the one that died the year before!

I think of forsythia as Moses' burning bush...

12:32 PM  

You Americans are lucky! We don't have anything blooming yet up here in Canada (*no shots please*), and wintry weather was the rule up here on the 1st day of Spring... but the forsythia give me hope!
I hope you're having a good time Carmel!

7:48 PM  

We have one of those on the corner near our house. They are very pretty in the spring. Bright bright yellow

6:56 PM  

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