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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Here is a quiz by Father Corapi:
How well do you know your faith?

posted by Grace B at 4:02 PM


...pretty well, apparently!

The only question I missed was the one asking which council defined something and I'm not too worried about that. :)

4:29 PM  

I, also, missed the one about the council. David and Jonathan would have known it ;)

5:34 PM  

That's a good score Kevin! Thanks for stopping by and taking the test! Well done!

Well done!
Yup you are right, Jonathan got them all right! I would guess David would too.

8:54 PM  

Thanks for the quiz. What a great way to learn the Catechism!

10:11 PM  

Same as Kevin and Jennifer.

Looks like I've actually managed to learn something all these years!

Thanks Carmel. I'll put this up on my blog too.

10:46 PM  

I missed the council question 2.
Seems it got most of us.

1:32 AM  

Hi Carmel, i did ur test too.. i got 70%.. what did u get? Jazz

5:35 AM  

i finally worked out my password.. hahhaha how silly am I? :)

5:36 AM  

we did something similar to this at youth group last night. what's sad is a 13 year old got the point of what was happening before I did.

8:05 AM  

i got 80% =)

dunno if thats overly great or not... but hey, its like a "B"

10:57 AM  

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