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Saturday, February 25, 2006


Beware of the wild animals that is!

I got these in email today and was ohhhing and ahhhhing over them, I want to have lots of babies with Jonathan now....

Happy Easter!!

The tooth will set you free (elephant)

I think this baby in the elephant suit is looking at me! I also think that I can hear him say "Will you be my mummy?" ;)

(mommy for the Americans)

posted by Grace B at 9:51 PM


I bags the kid in the giraffe get up!!! hahaha soooo adorable! I love the croc one too! :)

1:53 AM  

They are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the words of one of my friends;
" I want babies so I can play with them!"


2:12 AM  

i wish i was dressed up like that when i was a kid, my mum made me teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes, sweaters, and pajamas and such.


10:11 AM  

Oh my gosh, they are SOOOOOO adorable!!!!!!

Thanks for putting these up! I'm gushing over them!

10:36 AM  

Too Cute!!

Lol the tooth will set you free... that pun has had more mileage then the average delivery truck.

1:38 PM  

Jennifer, I have heard about the tooth so many times it's permanently stuck in my head!

1:28 AM  

carmel and jonathan ~ here's to the hope that your marriage is blessed with children . . . and that all of your troubles will be "little one's"

5:04 AM  

Ahhh how sweet :) Babies are the best. I have three and I never thought I'd want kiddo's but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Congratulations and good luck to you. You have a bright future ahead of you :D

10:39 AM  

Don't you love those?! A friend at work gets the calendar every year and I love looking through the pictures!

12:41 PM  

Me too Carmel, me too.


4:27 PM  

Oh my goodness, that was just the pick me up I needed. I can always count on a good heart felt smile when I come here! *hugs*

1:56 PM  

Oh, this is all too cute. I feel like hugging! Who is in for a big hug?

11:18 AM  

Sooooooooo cute!! :)

5:00 PM  

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