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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Just letting you all know that I shall be in the USA in 2 1/2 weeks!!
Just in case you forgot ;)

posted by Grace B at 9:33 PM


Wow Carmel, is it that close? Will you be here for good now? We'll be praying for your safe trip. My family and I are thinking of visiting Australia this summer (or winter) to visit relatives. We'll be criss-crossing paths :)

10:17 PM  

hoho carmel! that sounds close! for how long will you stay or will you ever return to australia? i am happy for zou that jonathan and you can see each other again soon!

1:17 AM  

Hi Carmela... woohoo i have finally got my very own blog.. dunno how consistent i will be with it though! Wow not long till u go to America now. Hope u have a good time. Lucky ducky.

1:20 AM  

Yes it's that close already! Unfortunately I will not be there for good this time, I still have to deal with stuff on my end so I can get there permanently finally! You are coming to Australia? wow that is super awesome, so you will be here in our winter? How exciting. That is great news.
I will be praying for you and your family's safe trip too. XXXX

I read about your stolen wallet and camera grrrr! Yes sadly I have to return to Australia this time lol. I can't wait to get there :)

You finally got a blog?? That is fantastic, i will be your reader 4 sure!!! x

3:45 AM  

So how are we going to start americanizing you? Baseball game? Barbecue?

7:22 AM  

That's great, Carmel! Have fun in the U.S.!

8:06 AM  

Hey carmel, omg, the US, BOOO, you should be coming to canada, =)


i hope your trip goes really well, and also, what part of the US you going to? The west coast is where its at =)

*flashes gang sign*
west coast for life! (lol)

9:44 AM  

you must be totally stoked about it! I am excited for you!!! :) Travel safe, and be sure to post an update when you get here safely, so we can all sleep easier! You Jonathan and Bri will be in my prayers! *hugs*

9:50 AM

12:43 PM  

Hey Cube,
I played softball while I was in the USA lol. I also ate a great barbecue, it was great.

Thanks 4HC!! I am looking forward to it as you can probably tell.

You are hilarious lol, thanks for the laughs :) I will be in Ohio but it seems I should get to the Westcoast! Maybe some day. I have been to Canada it was gorgeous, I could end up there again some time. :)

Thanks for your prayers! I appreciate that alot. I will surely update when I get there to let everyone know that i'm ok.
So if you don't hear from me, you are the Police and can come find me ;)

Uh Oh i'm tagged!

2:24 PM  

If you ever come to Denver, we've got to meet. I have met two bloggers thus far and it's so fun!

7:26 AM  

I have never met another blogger apart for ones I already knew before I was blogging. I can imagine it would be great fun meeting the people who have become friends through this. There are many that I would find interesting to meet.
I have been to Denver airport! lol, next time I pass by I shall think of you, and if I visit Denver I will let you know so we can meet!
Bless ya!

3:45 PM  

YAY! I'm so excited for you!!! Have the most AMAZING time here!! I'll be thinking of you! Will you be blogging while you're gone?

9:26 PM  

Thanks Frankie! I will be blogging while i'm there, since my fiance will be working some times I will have to keep myself busy somehow!

3:21 PM  

Yah what about Canada!? Come visit the V-town crew! Get a new tatty at Freedom! Have fun on your trip!! I need one really bad! YAH LIKE THATS EVER GONNA HAPPEN WITH TWO SMALL KIDS! SIGH!! :( JJ lol. Love you. xx

6:30 PM  

I love the sound of the V-town crew! Yes it's hard to get away when you have little ones, it's hard enough any other time, lucky for me I earned myself a free international ticket after covering alot of mileage in united airlines, so that was a huge bonus.
Had it not been for the freebie, I couldn't have gone. SO YIPEEE!!!
I visited Canada, but not V-town, my sweetie and I went to Niagra falls, it was awesome but brrrrrrrrr sooooo cold!
Love ya x

2:26 PM  

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