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Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

It's already Feb 14th here in Australia, so I think it's appropriate for me to wish everyone a happy valentines day!
If you didnt get your happy V day wish you got one now! =)

posted by Grace B at 2:54 PM


Happy Valentine's day Carmel! May you have a day filled with God's love! And Jonathan's too. :)

3:20 PM  

Dear Carmel, happy St. Valentine's Day to you!!! May it be full of love and peace!

6:40 PM  

Happy Valentine's day to you too. I have kinda celebrated it a day before it, but I'm feeling the love.

11:24 PM  

Happy Valentine's Day, Carmel!

6:11 AM  

Same 2 you hon,
Hope U have a Fantastic day!

6:51 AM  

OMG--U can't be serious! Carmel, I grew up in Cleveland, and lived most of my life there! We gotta talk, I still live real close, and you have got 2 get a hold of me!

6:55 AM  

Hey all, thank you so much, may your valentines day be filled with much love too, especially God's love.
Starbender I will contact you, small small world indeed x

2:36 PM  


5:46 PM  

Happy Valentine's Day to both you and Jonathan, Carmel. I hope it was filled with hearts and flowers!

7:24 PM  

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY CARMEL!! I hope that it was wonderful!!

1:38 AM  

Hope you had a lovely day!! :) -x-

2:14 AM  

Happy Heart day Love! Hope it was a memorable one! :)

11:36 AM  

Hey! Happy belaytid Vday!

2:57 PM  

I am actually not a great fan of St. Valentine, but I did get two anonymous postcards by snail-mail.

12:20 PM  

Carmel ~ warmest belated wishes 2 u 2!

11:31 PM  

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