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Monday, February 06, 2006


Yesterday I came accross Selena's artwork, man has she got some talent, you can check out her works (my favorite is "come back") at this link My Vision Is Never Wrong

Also welcome back to Charles or known as Chuck to some as I have noticed. Charles was one of the first blogs (Jonathan's was the very first) I read when I started blogging. He is very musically minded!

So cheers to all the new!
posted by Grace B at 3:07 PM


The artwork was really cool.
I wish I could draw. Everything
I draw looks like a child drew it.

10:09 PM  

Just so you know I added your loves blog to my blog role.

11:36 AM  

You post great pics though starbender!
Thanks cube, he is my favorite writer, he linked to you too I noticed (yes I look for these things)

3:25 PM  

i like the one with the tiger..

3:29 PM  

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