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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pro-Life Search!

Hey there all! Thanks to Antonia's post, I found
It's a search engine powered by Google and you get the same results.
The best part about it is that when you search, they donate money to pro-life charities. How good is that? I certainly search a lot on the net.
You don't have to register with them or pay anything to search, nor do you have to give any money.
They make all of the donations from revenue generated from the site.
So thanks Antonia, I also just recently dropped into
Irish & Dangerous and noticed he had it up there too. So spread the word!

Also, I had a great read of the discussions in my previous post, regarding Pro-life thoughts, i'm so glad that we were able to share our thoughts, even though some of our opinions differed.
I am Pro-life 100% and over again. And know that life begins from conception. John Paul II had some fantastic things to say in regards to life.

Thanks to everyone who opened up in the last post x
Picture is from
posted by Grace B at 3:34 AM


It was an interesting discussion!
The babies are soooo cute on!!!

8:30 AM  

I just Luv Babies!

7:46 PM  

Babies are adorable, but we have such a horrible attitude on life in general.

6:05 AM  

I have book marked my new search engine! :) that is so cool thanks for sharing, and believe I will be putting it on my sight!

10:46 AM  

Thanks for the pro-life link. I believe more and more we will see a stronger movement to find ways in supporting and building a culture of life. People are fed up with death and destruction.

11:59 PM  

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