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Monday, January 16, 2006

My new puppy

Somebuddy loves me. :D
posted by Grace B at 6:44 PM


Very cute Carmel!

7:01 PM  

Now that's my kinda dog. Sometimes I tend to shred the fuzzy kind thinking they might be small varmints or rascally rabbits. But a dog like that I would sleep next to and call my own.


9:34 PM  

lots of people love you!!! smooches! xoxoxo

sorry about the soapbox...I went to Oscar's site....what a freak! Pray for him!

7:17 AM  

everybody luvs Carmel! *hugs*

7:20 AM  

Awwwww how cute is that!! Thanks for making me smile :)

9:41 AM  

aww! :)

12:16 PM  

Hehehe. You are awesome Carmel. I have an old German Shepard named Yoshi. Its getting to be around that time where I am scared to call her in at night with no response or happy puppy wagging her tail. But having to go out and drag a dead dog out of the dog house. EWWW. That freaks me out. So next time around I think I may just have to get me something like this little fella featured here! LOL

4:07 PM  

Aww.. He's so cute, and cuddly.
That is about the only doggie I would even consider getting. They r just to much like kids!

9:22 PM  

awww everyone is so lovely. Thank you!
My brother has a german sheppherd Seenie, she's a big dork.
Anyway this is one of my many meaningful gifts from the "somebuddy" :D

11:27 PM  

And what is the name of the puppy? Don't tell me he/she is nameless?

2:20 PM  

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