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Monday, January 09, 2006

I heard John Heard

Last night I watched a television program that I have been watching for a few weeks called Speaking in tongues I haven't quite worked it out totally but I have enjoyed it a lot.

Last night I watched it especially to see a man by the name of John Heard (check the blog out) he is a young Catholic, gay , conservative, called to be chaste man who was being interviewed about just that. I enjoyed it and found him to be so inspiring, the strength that it would take to follow God the way he has is amazing and i'm sure it gets terribly hard as it does for all of us.

Update, I accidently called John Heard celibate, thinking celibate meant the same as chaste, but it's different, sorry John.
posted by Grace B at 4:50 PM


He never actually said he was celibate (he definitely isn't, sorry to disappoint you).

5:20 PM  

Yes he did say that, I heard it and he was asked it. But anyway I dont know his sexual affairs.

5:36 PM  

Look, I don't want to fight about it, but take it from me, he's not celibate - far from it, in fact - and he was very careful not to specifically say that he isn't celibate.

5:41 PM  

I mean, IS celibate.

5:42 PM  

Ok, sorry I got Chastity and celibacy mixed up, and have redone my post. I thought I heard them say chaste on the show but hey I am wrong obviously.

6:20 PM  

2 each his own, I understand that!
But, can a man be gay, and follow God? Remember Sodam & Gomorah? The whole point there was-->They were SINNERS! God DESTROYED them for their homosexuality!
U cannot Walk with SATAN,
and Profess U'r Love 2 God!
U have 2 pick a side!

11:22 PM  

Well Hello starbender!! ;)
I'm not 100% on the story I have written about, as you can tell I stuffed my post up a few times.
I think his story is on the site, but as I understand it (sorry if im wrong) he is chaste and will not marry a man or have sex with one, but instead will follow Gods will. He is a conservative too I would say.
But don't take anything from me, I made so many boo boo's on this post that I had to re do it. Also I was chatting to my fiance on messenger while typing this post and found the word "honey" in the post lol. I had to come back and delete it. Anyway, in my opinions (you better be reading!!!) to practise being gay is wrong, as in to have a relationship with a man sexually and even to marry one. Or even gay women, I do not believe that they should practise in relationships.
If a man is attracted to a man,(or woman to woman) then I feel that he should not have sex with one or marry one and recognize that it's wrong to do so.
Don't get me wrong though I love all as God commanded me and do not dislike someone because they are gay, I love the sinner, not the sin.
So there ya go. Today is a bad posting day for me, i have probably confused everyone.
Anyway, i'm a full on conservative just in case it appears not for some reason and not a gay/lesbian libertarian with shaved hair , muscles and tattoos!
Be well and keep posting those funny pictures.

2:14 AM  

I luv'd u'r post hun, I was just throwing my 2 cents in!

8:26 PM  

Actually I imagine it's fairly a common thing for a gentleman or woman to be gay/lesbian and be Christian. The catch is while they find the same sex attractive they don't act on that attraction. Similar to a married man being attracted to a woman other than his wife and not acting on it (in his mind or in reality).
As Carmel pointed out the Church only finds fault when it is acted upon.

1:08 PM  

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