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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blogs to read..

I was invited to contribute to 2 new blogs on the same day. I jumped at the challenge, and am interested in what will come of them both.

One of these blogs being Per Christum
which will most probably contain a lot of theological related posts, I don't know all yet since both are new, but
I shall contribute along with Jonathan, David, Jason Nicene Hobbit and Jennifer

The other blog is God Conference
For this one I shall be contributing along with Infinigeist (aka I'm Patrick), Johnny Dragon and Seenie
At this blog we shall begin at exploring each others beliefs, opinions and so on.
At the moment we are looking at "how did we get here?" My opinion is obvious, as most of you know me to be Christian. But we all have our own opinions, questions and here we will look into what we can. I can't speak too much for either of these blogs yet, in terms of what we will cover because I didn't start them and since they are new and I don't know everything , but anyway, come and check out what's going on over there!
posted by Grace B at 1:13 PM


I will! I'm always so interest in what people think/believe about this...I think it says a lot about a person.

3:38 PM  

Sounds interesting. I'll certainly check in.

3:55 PM  

I hope you like what you read! :))

9:39 PM  

I think you jumped at the challenge quite well. Are you sure you don't want to be a kangaroo when you grow up?

1:54 PM  

Yes Astrid, it's in my blood!!

6:47 PM  

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