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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Theorum

The Theorum ~ a complete answer to human behaviour , is on my wish list! I got an email about this recently and have decided to check out what is so special about it. Here is what they are saying:

"Arguably the genius of any great discovery lies in it's originality -a fresh idea that is set to challenge traditional modes of thinking, while advancing mans march along the path of progress. The work before us fits neatly into this criteria..." ~B. Abolade MD; MRCP (UK)

The International media:
The Theorem: "An American scientist is set to publish a crucial new book on the pre-natal behavior of babies that is expected to have a profound impact on the issue of abortion". Source: Catholic News Agency. To read full article go to

This is what the Medical and Scientific Community is saying about The Theorem: "Arguably the genius of any great discovery lies in its originality-a fresh idea that is set to challenge traditional modes of thinking while advancing man’s march along the path of progress. The work before us fits neatly into these criteria... Far from the idea that the human foetus is cocooned from the cares and woes of existence, our first experience of fear, joy and sorrow actually precedes our birth. This in a nutshell is what this book is set to tell the world. (The author) has accomplished his task with exceptional brilliance". - B.K. Abolade MD; MRCP (UK), Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Alabama

"The argument presented in this book is unique and well worth reading... In my opinion, this book raises some important questions..." - Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Ph.D. (Philosophy), Ph.D. (Physiological Psychology), Professor and President, California Institute for Human Science

This is what the Publisher's Website is saying about The Theorem: "When does consciousness begin? When does life start? When do we start to dream, and why? When do we know our mother? Much earlier think,... Pulling together evidence from recent research from a wide range of disciplines like neurobiology, neuro-immunology, neuro-anatomy, neurochemistry and others he( the author) comes to an astonishing conclusion; we are conscious in the womb..."

According to the author, "It is simply impossible to read The Theorem and not understand that the fetus is not only conscious, but that this consciousness is extremely advanced."

This book does not only cover "fetal behavior" but being 100% pro life sparked up the interest. The book covers many behaviors such as:

Manic depression
Panic disorder
Why we talk
The subconcious
Obsessive compulsive
Fetal behavior
and more...

To find the book visit

* UPDATE: The previous link I had didn't work, I hope this new one does!
posted by Grace B at 4:28 PM


should be an interesting read for sure.


12:23 AM  

keep me posted when you read it....I'd be especially interested in the autism deal because my son has autism! I won't be able to buy it and read it because school starts soon for me but keep me posted!

8:31 AM  

Hey! I got two emails from that book this morning too! If you get it let me know how it goes!

8:52 AM  

Gonna have to check me out this book too! Isaiah has ADHD and I wonder if maybe just maybe there is something in there. I think its due to the stresses I had during the pregnancy. Isaiah was one of two being twins, the other I lost half way through the pregnancy. Hmmmm.... answers needed! This may be the book I need.I shall have a boo!! Great post! PS TEDDY BEAR AND ISAIAH ARE INSEPERABLE! lol

8:27 PM  

Cal, I hope to order the book very soon.
Jules!! Love the new pic! I would love to share with you on this book, as soon as I read the autism part I will email you!
Antonia, will let you know for sure xx
Seenie, sorry to hear about the loss :( *hugs
I look forward to reading this and hope it contains something for everyone, especially where children are concerned.

9:24 PM  

This book looks interesting particularly because of the issues you spoke of at the bottom. I find those kind of illnesses very interesting and would love to have a clearer insight on them. It's why I'm planning on taking Psychology at university.

3:18 AM  

That's great Alex!! Keep focused on that goal. Hope you like the book

2:01 PM  

Behaviorism is my field in psychology. I will have to check this book out! Thanks!

5:58 AM  

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