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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I went out last night to the movies and watched Narnia, and I loved it! I watched the series on the ABC when I was about 10 yo or so and liked it back then. Now that i'm older I see the true message behind the story after having read the gospels.
My sweety, Jonathan links over to a 9 min preview of it that you can find

Something that you may find very interesting is Antonia's
Objections to who wrote the Bible
Believe me this girl is a blessing to the blog world!
posted by Grace B at 1:56 PM


I really liked Narnia too when I went to see it!

*blushes* I'm no blessing to the blogworld! I'm a medic, I barely know the first thing about theology! I dont even know how good or correct it was! If it wasn't almost 1am I would re-check those posts to make sure they make sense....but I think I should go to bed instead!

you are sweet!
with much love & smiles!

4:49 PM  

You can be a medic and be a blessing to the blog world without a degree in theology! So there! :D
Yeah I read little while back that you went to see the movie, I really enjoyed it as you know.

Much love & smiles back to you

7:02 PM  

I have waited for them to make this movie since I was like 10. When I saw Aslan come out of the tent for the first time, even though I pictured in my mind what he would look like, I could barely contain myself. I actually welled up with joy.

7:15 PM  

Me too! I love how you wrote that, it was a very exciting moment, also I could barely hold back my tears when Aslan was sacrificed, booo hoooo.

8:55 PM  

I said you'd like it!

3:20 PM  

Jack you did!! I have been movie deprived lately

4:54 PM  

WE WENT WITH MY MOM and my kids to see Narnia...It was really good. As a Christian I could totally see the parallel. I looked over and my mom was starting to cry when Aslan both died and rose....

Too bad more movies aren't positive!

8:16 AM  

Jules i was a little embarrassed but I cried too! Tears just welled up when Asland went into the woods, I knew what was going to happen. So yes I was a cry baby :-)

1:01 PM  

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