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Saturday, December 17, 2005

New blog link

Well I just love a reversion to Catholicism story, don't you? Very recently I found a new blog written by a young lady, about her reversion and other topics about her life. I give her a huge "WELCOME!" may her journey be a great one!
Go give her a warm welcome!
The Journey of a Catholic Revert

posted by Grace B at 5:28 PM


Thanks Carmel, that was really sweet :) You're my first link! I'm really new to this blogspot thing, hopefully I can find more Catholic blogging friends as sweet as you! :)


11:09 PM  

Thanks for that Carmel!

By the way...those adorable flashing Christmas lights at the top of your blog are new right..?! I don't think I have noticed them before (but then again, my powers of observation are low!).
They are really sweet!!

1:59 AM  

ps- I only just realised that the lovely music coming out of my lap-top is due to your blog (wasn't sure at first as I have about 20 other windows open at the same time! (i'm doing NFP research!))

It's awesome! thanks so much! I will keep your blog open in the background so I can hear the music!!

2:10 AM  

Oh I wanted to say, also that I LOVE that you have Mariah's O Holy Night playing!! I am a huge Mariah fan and her gospel music is amazing!

O' Holy Night is one of my faves!:)

2:37 AM  

Aww Jessica thanx! I am honoured to be your first link! I know that you will meet some great bloggers and will find some of them inpirational and they will also find that in you. I really enjoyed your conversion experience.

Antonia, I laughed when I read about the music from my blog, I just put that up today and wondered if anyone would realize that it was coming from my blog if they had extra windows open hehehe. Yeah the lights are new and are from so you have good observation.
I am still researching NFP and found "fertility friend" through something I clicked from your blog, which I found good because I can use their charts too.
God bless both of you xxx

3:47 AM  

What a neat sight. I'm curious to see where her journey takes her. Thanks for the heads up.

And perhaps she'll be Cube Head worthy?

5:58 AM  

your lights are way better than mine... mine don't even blink =)

7:39 AM  

Cubez, yes she is cube head worthy indeed, i'm sure you will agree :D

Jose, thanx I found them at
I like yours too, blink or no blink :D

12:50 PM  

If she keeps posting and doesn't let it fall by the wayside (I've seen that happen alot on the blogosphere) and keeps writing posts like the one I've been reading, then I'll definately make her a full fledged Cube Head.

1:17 PM  

Hahaha cubehead worthy?


3:13 PM  

That's right, Cube Head worthy. An orginization more exclusive than the Masons, with membership benefits that rival The Skulls, and prestige of royalty. Many have tried to be a cube head, and many have failed, being left in the dust a quivering mess. Alas, broken and unable to go on and left to wander the wilderness moaning, "Why? Why?" So if you have the guts, the passion, the creativity or the wit then you too can be a cube head.

Or you can take the easy way and slip me a twenty. Either way it's all good.

11:27 PM  

LOL! If it's anything like the Stone Cutters club, then I aspire to be a part. After I was kicked out they wanted to remove my permanent secret tattoo with a cheese grator!!!


4:36 AM  

Please, we'd never remove your secret tatoo with a cheese grater.

We use a brillo pad. It's more effecient.

5:28 AM  

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