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Thursday, December 08, 2005


This is my yahoo Christmas avatar, take notice that I didn't forget my kitty :)
One thing I like about yahoo messenger is all the fun and silly stuff you can do.
I do like MSN too when I don't muck it up, i'm still learning...

Yahoo! Avatars

Oh and my avatars name is, Carmel of course! ;b

Whilst on the subject of Christmas:
Church do have an All About Christmas page, up now for your perusal!
I find the explanations on pagan related type issues that people have rather interesting to read, not to mention it's all you really need to know about the season, you think you know it all do you? Church will surprise you :D

Im so not finnished my Christmas shopping, and it's hard to believe that next month I will be so busy working with our family business that I will hardly have time for anything else. Apart from dinner and sleep. I do have the best job though, except for supervising the employees, I don't like that, I don't really get satisfaction from telling people what to do, I fired my first person the year before last year and I hated it, but it was only once in a matter of years so I guess that's ok.
My work hours sometimes go for 10 hours and longer on pay days where I have to do all those brain killing accounts, but it's all worth it.
I hope to blog next month at least a little :)

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Yet again, tag!

7:12 AM  

I know all about long hours, but I think it is gratifying at the end of the day... to look back and know that you have contributed... for you to the family business, for me to the betterment of the community... I do payroll here too, and it is a biotch, especially on holidays.

I do hope that you can continue to blog, I will miss you something awefull if you don't!!!!

7:25 AM  

Hey thanks for visiting my blog.
MSN is cool, I've never used Yahoo before, but I'm used to msn so I know how it works and stuff.
I don't work so I don't know about long hours but sometimes college can seem like a drag. I guess I'm just too tired. At least you're getting paid though and stuff.

9:46 AM  

thanks for reaching out to me by email . . . i really didnt feel comfortable answering on a bunch of different levels . . . i have sort of been in a mental hole . . . i think however this is a great sign that the 'hump' has been pasted . . .

simple observation: catwoman outfit . . . frequent cat talk . . . cat pictures . . . cat christmas images . . . you are becoming THE catwoman!!

see you when you get back to the blog . . .

::: blessings and peace

10:18 AM  

very cute yahoo picture! You look like an adorable Christmas Elf!!! :-)

3:26 PM  

Thanks Cube Rev! Will be sporty and do it.

Sprite, I gotta blog or I will have withdrawl and will miss your comments and your blog.

Cinnamon, found ya through Sprite, then I saw you somewhere else and I thought, hmmm she's neat!

David David David! It's so good to hear from you, I got a bit worried, when I kept clicking your blog and saw no David :(
I am sorry to hear about what you have been going through, but yes there must be some sunlight bc you responded!

ANTONIA!! I have been trying to comment on your blog have you seen my comments?
Thanks for the elf compliment, I have a Christmas party tonight and am supposed to dress like some Christmas thing, maybe an elf will do.

3:46 PM  

hey Carmel! Oh dear! Thanks for letting me know! I will go see if I can sort it out..! :-)


3:58 AM  

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