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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I have not yet done my Christmas shopping, and I don't know what to buy, I'm bad that way, but on the other hand, I love shopping and love to buy, I also love to buy for people even if I don't know exactly WHAT to buy, ya with me or did I lose you?

Did you know that placing lit candles in windows at Christmas time originated from Ireland? There is an interesting story behind that actually, you see back in the old days there was a time where Catholic religion was surpressed (in Ireland) and priests were forced into hiding, so some Irish families would place a lit candle in their windows and leave their doors unlocked, as a sign that if a priest would see it, he would be welcome to come in and celebrate Christmas mass with them.

By the way I found that Christmas window lights info from a book I own called "Christmas prayers and Customs".

I have been laughing a lot lately thanks to a TV show I like called "That 70's show" it's funny, I need laughter it's good for me!

Ms.Sprite has had me amazed with her link to "Wizards of Winter" I loved it, I think everyone should see it. I wont link to it but you can find it on her newest post entry.

A little birdie told me that Sainto's aka: Owen, is back at the blog world, which is a good thing! I have been addicted to his conversion story once or twice, and his art works.

The Butterfly

When I feel sad and sometimes cry
I think I'd like to be, a butterfly
To rise up to the highest tower
Or jump inside the prettiest flower

I could hide and pretend to be
Anything I really want to be
A rabbit, a fox or lovely bird
But then I remember what I heard

God made me just the way I am
To Him I'm like a little lamb
He's my Shepherd and always there
To give me all His love and care.

So I hope that wasnt a little too mushy for you, i'm all for mush.
I got a compliment from a little girl today who lives in my street, she told me i'm pretty, Awwww kiddies, doesnt that make you want to have them? Maybe not. Well i'm going good!

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1:31 AM  

I know exactly what you mean about the Christmas shopping...I never know what to buy for people!

The butterfly poem was very pretty & children do say the cutest things sometimes!

*hugs* Hope all is well with you!

with love & prayers, antonia -x-x-

1:35 AM  

I love trivia, especially Irish trivia... Thanks for the hat tip!

I do want kids, I can't wait to be a mommy, I think I am just at that age... Have to find a good man first though I guess. LOL!

Good luck with the shopping, wish I was there to go with you. I LOVE to shop!

9:15 AM  

Ah, we Irish have some wonderful traditions. Everyone should want to be Irish.

11:57 AM  

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