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Monday, November 21, 2005

Been Tagged

I have been tagged again, the one and only...Holy Fool

The meme is:


So here you have it:

1. Mother Teresa of Calucutta: Her life has had a huge impact on my faith, one of the many things that touched me about her is this: A starving woman was picked up off the street, her body covered in sores, while Mother Teresa was washing her and putting her to bed, she murmured "why are you doing this?" Mother Teresa answered gently "for the love of God"
The way she gave herself, amazes me always.

2. Frederic Ozanam: His intelligence and prophetic intuition that he had from such an early age is pretty amazing, I wish I had been more like him whilst growing up.

3. John Paul II: His passion for the youth and the way her reached out to all other faiths, showed me the importance of unity and acceptance. He was the longest reigning Pope in history! He was such an inspiration to all the world, despite being sick, he preached to the world! I believe that he was the most accepted religious figure ever.

4. Ruth: For privacy reasons I wont give you her whole name, she is not a family member, but a personal friend, I think I am allowed friends! She is a great wife and mother, always there to help her friends. Great conversation always! The things she does within the community astounds me, and at the same time she is a young mother of 5 children. Her maturity at her young age is also something worth the mention.

5. Father Pat, my parish priest: He is a walking talking encyclopedia! There is little this man does not know. His knowledge of history has influenced me to understand it more.

6. St. Margaret of Cortona: Wow this woman went through it all, she found it hard to keep faithful to God, she hated her sins and actions so much and was scorned by the public, still she went on to be one of the most inspirational women I know.

7. St.Catherine Of Siena: My patron saint, she influenced the big guys in her time, and they surely listened! Catherine saw visions from such an early age. After 3 years of celestial visitations she went through the mystical experience of spiritual espousals. She went on to be a very powerful influence in the world.

8. Our Lady Mary, mother of Jesus: This woman accepted the immaculate conception, in times where being pregnant out of wedlock was unacceptable. She not only would have had to go explain to the parents, but to Joseph her fiance! She was only young and accepted such a powerful request from God.

9. St.Francis of Assisi: He gave up his nice lifestyle to help the poor and be like the poor. He had a beautiful heart, he loved animals which is my favorite thing!

10. Pope Benedict XVI: The strong stand he takes on morals and all that the Catholic Church stands for. One of the most controversial Popes that I know! Everyone was scared, people were calling him a Nazi, a rotweiler and all sorts.
I am still being influenced by him every day.
Wow I'm done!!

It's a shame because I wanted to use family and my fiance, I have to give Jonathan a mention because he is a huge influence, he changed my whole life, but this is another meme, someone better make one where I can use him too!
Hmmmm lets see, who can I tag??? I must first tag,
Jonathan from Ancient Future Catholic Musings then Jack Bennett from Idlemendacity ummmmm lets see Jennifer from Totus Tuus, Heather from Thoughts of a Sprite and last but not least Patrick from E-fish in sea
I don't expect everyone to do this but i'm going to check on you! (hey at least you get the hits)

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Now, these are some influences!

8:06 PM  

Yes indeed! We share some of the same influenced I notice.

10:41 PM  

oh goodness... I just saw that I have been tagged... scurries off to think about her influences....

4:32 AM  

hahaha, I did the same thing!

4:52 AM  

I'm working on mine - should be finished soon.

8:20 PM  

Jack, I shall be watching....

8:55 PM  

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