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Thursday, November 10, 2005

My baby tiger!

The news makes my tiger (aka: cat) wild! Posted by Picasa

If I ever go to Rome I would love to stay HERE

I have a photo page!! I am enjoying my new camera (toy) and don't want to swamp this blog with photos so I went and made myself a photo blog: Carmel's Pics

posted by Grace B at 2:10 PM


Your cat is adorable! Cats love newspapers, especially when you are reading them! :)

4:17 PM  

Aww thank you! Yeah how true, that's her fave time to take my paper. She was so wild this morning I just had to take her pic.

6:38 PM  

awwww, kitty kitty, is so cute!!!!! I love the pic blog, I added it to my fav's!

10:53 AM  

Sprite, yes she is so cute, I wonder what Draco would think?
Aw, thanks for adding my page to your favorites, I will try to take nice pics so you don't get too bored lol.

1:06 PM  

hey! thanks for the message you left on my blog!
your cat is very cute! Thanks for the info on the hotel in Rome...maybe it is Divine Providence cos Chris & I are planning on going to Rome for our honeymoon and just this week have been looking into I will certainly look into that hotel!
ciao! :-) -x-

1:12 PM  

Rome would be a gorgeous honeymoon destination! I hear Italy is a very romantic country, i'm Italian but have never been, I plan to go at some time in my life, I have relatives there that I have never met and my mum owns a house there.
Keep us updated on your wedding plans!

3:20 PM  

I love your pics Carmel! I'll be checking them out! And by the way, my mom has been wanting an orange cat for a while now... Your pic just might convince the rest of us to go get one! (By the way, the vineyards are beautiful!!!)

8:23 PM  

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