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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pillow panic!

I decided to stay up late last night and watch a movie, so "panic room" was showing, I think that I squeezed the living soul out of my pillow for the whole time *shiver !!

To all the cat lovers such as me, I found the cutest site,
Patrick Meows Out Loud it belongs to This dude

I got a pretty funny email from a friend, I may post it later if I have more time.

I also found this interesting:

Massive black hole I love most things science can teach us.
Apart from being a cat lover, I love dogs too so check this one out:
The Puggle

My blog discovery: Antonia's World
Check it out!

That's about all I have time for, I hope you all enjoy my links and have a good weekend. :)
posted by Grace B at 1:52 PM


Panic Room was quite panicking (is that the right spelling?), I experienced that too, but I like movies like that sometimes. I just watched Nowhere in Africa and I feel so calm and also a bit sad now.
Better go to bed ;)

2:39 PM  

hi there! Thanks so much for your message and Congratulations on your engagement too!! Keep in touch and let me know how your wedding plans are coming! with love & prayers, your sister in Christ, antonia -x-

2:54 AM  

Aw! Thanx for the spotlight! :D


7:56 PM  

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