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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Heard it on the radio

So there's this guy, and for all his life he never believed in God, he would go around telling everyone "God is not real, there is no God" and so on.
One day this guy decided to take a hike in the woods, when he came across this huge bear! Needless to say he was afraid and began to run for his life, so the bear began to run after him (as bears do) so this guy ran faster and faster and the bear was getting closer and closer, just at that moment he yelled out "Lord, please help me!"
Suddenly it was as though time stood still, and everything paused except for the guy, and God said "Why should I help you after all the time you spent telling people I wasn't real and not to believe in me? " the guy couldn't think of an answer and realized that God was not going to save him, but then he asked "Ok, I see you wont help me, but can you at least turn this bear into a good Catholic bear and then maybe he wont kill me?" God then said "Ok"
So time began once again and the guy was running and the bear was running, until the bear caught up to the guy, pinned him down, ready to eat him, and then for a moment the bear paused and looked up to the heavens and said "Bless me oh Lord, and this your gift, which I am about to eat from your bounty through Christ our Lord, amen"

You like? I heard it on the radio and had a good laugh.

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