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Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Charlotte Wyatt

It's Charlotte Wyatt's birthday, and I wanted to let everyone know! But if you want to know who Charlotte Wyatt is you should visit
Also, her do not ressucitate order is no more, so she has the right to live now. That's good news and answer to prayer.

posted by Grace B at 4:47 PM


Thanks for the reminder, Carmel. Charlotte is a truly heroic figure against the culture of death in the world even if she's not aware of it. They said she would never survive, they said she had no chance of living, they (the even took her parent to court so they would have to legally resuccitate if they thought she had no chance. Yet here she is, still alive and growing, making their words hollow and, in retrospect, pathetic.

1:13 PM  

You are welcome Jack.
It upsets me that this girl would have been dead by now if the hospital had their request granted. But it's happy time for Charlotte and family now! :D

3:43 PM  

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