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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

How my cat sleeps!

I have been meaning to post this photo of my cat since last summer, it's not so clear but still...

I have been so tired that tonight I decided to boil some carrots and got so lost in thought that they boiled dry before I realized.. so, how's that for some useless information? I wanted to get more time to post on St.Francis of Asissi but am a bit strapped time wise.
Im leaving tomorrow night for school, I have to attend 2 classes in the city, I wont be back until next week. Until then stay beautiful!!!

Check out da baby!

Photo is from a halloween costume place called
One Step Ahead
posted by Grace B at 10:22 PM


enjoy your classes, and stay safe in the city!

4:38 AM  

safe travels . . . i can't help but notice how your reading list has grown . . . good stuff!!

9:19 AM  

Good luck with the pathology Carmel! And remember, if you have any questions, you can attempt to ask me...I'll see what I can do. : )

8:10 PM  

hey carmel, i am still in the blog world, lol.
that pic of charley is amazing!!!! i had to laugh straight away!

9:26 AM  

Carmel, there's just something attractive about some cats when they don't act like cats... and the photo of your cat is very cute and funny!

See you when you get back from school!

12:58 PM  

Miss your updates woman! Looking forward to your return... How is school going?

11:18 AM  

Hey everyone!! Thank you for your wonderful comments, you are all so precious! Thanks Heather, school went well, I passed my exam yipee!! Marie Linda, thank you for your offer to help me, I am going to keep that in mind for sure!! Im going to do some blood collection soon to keep the prac up and im sure i will encounter something.
Stef, St.Peters, david all your good wishes mean a lot. :D
Cant wait to catch up and read your blogs!
I think im the luckiest blogger...

4:07 AM  

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