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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Photo from Here
posted by Grace B at 4:17 AM


Carmel, ha!ha!ha! She must have been trained to stand on hind legs. Thanks for sharing!

9:47 AM  

Actually look at the photo, her hind legs are hidden under her cape. So funny and cute.

9:48 AM  

You're right! How cute,I hope she didnt mind being dressed up and got a doggy treat afterward!

4:57 PM  

This was so adorable, I e-mailed it to my best friend who has a similar-looking dog, who DOES, believe it or not, act like WonderWoman. : )

6:40 PM  

I believe it Marie-Linda, my cat acts like eyeore from winnie the pooh. I'm glad you like it and hope your friend likes it too

10:12 PM  

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