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Sunday, September 25, 2005


My friend Jasmine sent me this picture through email. I think it's so beautiful, im one of those people who say "one day I want to swim with dolphins" I hope someday that I can! I hope you like this too :)
posted by Grace B at 4:48 PM


I too am one of those people. :D

For the longest time I wanted to study their behavior. It's why I got a degree in Wildlife Managment. Then I realized the months at sea it would cost me.

6:52 PM  

Description of this picture managed to bring my husband in from the other room. The combination of "boat", "dog" and "dolphin" was irresistable!

7:46 PM  

That is a really wonderful picture.

8:25 AM  

Gave me goose bumps. I love animals, it seems that God's light, or even his intentions, always finds a way to shine trough them.

5:59 PM  

That is sho kyute!

6:33 PM  

I toetulllee lub that pic.
If it is a real picture and not a photoshop creation....I'm even more impressed.

12:56 AM  

Web-loafer, i'm glad you like it! It's a real photo, but not taken by me (I wish) and sent to me by a friend, I had to crop it to fit in my blog properly, the original is bigger, there is actually another dog looking in on the action but I had to cut him out :( I don't have a program that resizes.
Jennifer, 4hischurch,Marie-Linda, Wendy & Sprite, glad you guys like it too, and have such good taste in beauty!

1:20 AM  

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