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Monday, September 12, 2005

Rest in peace Susan Anne Catherine Torres

Out of sadness I write that
Susan Anne Catherine Torres passed away,whilst having surgery, she was only 5 weeks old this has been a tough time for the family, keep them in your prayers.

You can light an online prayer candle for the family HERE

I just want to add to this post that Sonny Torres has thanked all you people who have prayed for the Torres family, I want to make a note of it here to encourage you to keep praying because it has helped them through this time. You can find the comment he left in my august archive or by clicking Here
Visit: where you can read their prayer request.
posted by Grace B at 4:21 PM


They are in my prayers. I am so shocked. I thought she would live and that this story could have something good come out of such tragedy.

5:50 PM  

We can't always understand why things happen.
We can know that she is in the care of God and that her family on earth got the pleasure of meeting such a miracle baby!

6:59 PM  

This is very difficult. May the Lord of all comfort be near them in their sorrow.

7:54 PM  

This is such sad sad news. I will keep the family in my prayers - this is terribly difficult time losing both the mother and the child. But this little baby was a miracle! We celebrated the gift of her life even for a short time and now she is with God.

10:55 PM  

this is sad beyond words . . .

8:06 PM  

Thanks for keeping us updated on this. As you said, it is a miracle her family got to meet her. They will be in my prayers.

3:49 AM  

Prayer is indeed a powerful thing, I will keep them in my prayers. The loss of a child is never easy to bare!

7:08 AM  

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