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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Susan Torres baby born!

Wow, Susan Torres baby has been born! I can't get into their official website, I guess it must be flooded.
Isnt it wonderful though? Im not sure of the sex and condition of the child, but can't wait to get to the site.
I have been so busy and havent been able to blog much but I had to for this.

For more information click HERE

UPDATE: Im writing this to inform you all that Susan Anne Catherine Torres passed away after 5 weeks of being on this earth. Pray for her family. This beautiful girl is now reunited with her mother and her father had a chance to meet the daughter he fought so hard to save. Bless them

posted by Grace B at 5:46 PM


Are you still state side, or did you make it home okay... Hope you enjoyed your time here!

Thanks for the update on Torres!

2:55 PM  

Thanks! I have been enjoying your blog since I found it.
You are welcome for the update!

4:00 PM  

Dea Gratias! Another little one to adorn the world! Thanks for letting us know.

5:57 PM  

St.Peter's Helpers, you are welcome! This is great news.
Shes a sprite,
Oops I forgot to mention, im still in the USA

7:37 AM  

Oops! typo...I meant "Deo" :)

Carmel, hope you're enjoying your stay!

Did you hear about the next WYD will be in your "neck of the woods"? - beautiful Australia!

2:42 PM  

I want to thank you for all the prayers for my son and family. They helped us through the last 4 months. Also I wanted to let you know our biggest donation came from Australia. Please keep up the good work for the Catholic faith.
Sonny Torres

8:15 AM  

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