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Saturday, July 16, 2005


I accidently deleted my "flying out" post. Thanks everyone for you comments, God bless you all!
In answer to your quesiton David, you son Jonathan is right, our toilet water flushes opposite to yours. :-) He wins!
posted by Grace B at 4:48 PM


just for the record . . . God knew . . . that's probably why the post got deleted . . . like i said God knew the truth!! . . . you still have time to recant your answer . . .

9:44 PM  

Hey David, one of the first things I noticed was the toilets :)
Come to Australia and see!
I have heard this argument before actually so this isnt the first time I have been asked, it's funny really.
God bless you David, how long till u come back from colorado?
Also to those who commented on my deleted blog, I wish I still had your comments, they were so nice.

11:19 PM  

we just got back . . .

7:22 AM  

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