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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm baaack!

Finally i'm home again! It's good to be back. I spent some time with my sister in Sydney and on a beach town very close to Adeliade called Glenelg. Both places are gorgeous, my favorite would have to be Glenelg, my family has gone through both happy and sad times there.
I'm glad that people have taken an interest in the Susan Torres post I wrote a while ago, it's really shown me personally (of course I know it's not about me!) how people can be so caring toward others, because we all know people who just don't care.
For a while I was so dissapointed with my family, not my immediate family but relatives, how they only care about money and what they have. I found that if they heard of someone other than them finding happiness they would either turn it into a big joke or seem down about it, I asked myself so many times "how can people be like this? why are they upset over something good?"
Also the Uganda post, it's great that people feel for others in trouble.
Im just happy that I have been reminded that there is a lot of good around here and people that care.
Thats about it from this tired traveller.
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Welcome back, Carmel.

People are funny. Covetousness destroys your peace. If you are always coveting other people's posessions, you are constantly in a loop of "keeping up with the Jones'" (that's what we call it in the US).

If you constantly need more, and more "stuff" to validate your worth, you find yourself working long hours, neglecting famlily and God to posess yet more stuff, but you are never truly joyful because the more you have, the more you want.

True joy is being satisfied with the gifts God has given you (for me it's a wonderful wife, two beautiful daughters, a nice dog, and a skill that allows me to make a comfortable living doing something I really love.

11:16 AM  

I sympathize with you on that one, Carmel! Tony is right, covetousness does destroy your inner peace. I so admire those who live a simple life with no regrets! But barring that, I think we should all be aware of what we have that God has given us and how we can bless others in turn.

4:25 PM  

Thanks to the both of you for your comments. Yes I agree so much that covetousness destroys your peace.
I have seen so many fall into that, as I mentioned in my post.
God bless the both of you!

2:50 AM  

Welcome back. I would love to go to Australia someday. I bet it's beautiful. It must be great living there.

7:00 AM  

Thanks Wendy! Yes it has been great living here and I have seen a lot of beautiful places.
I will be getting married and moving to the USA soon, so I will living in your country!

4:27 PM  

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