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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Akiane is a 9 year old artist! Yeah 9 years old! Akiane started having visions about the spiritual realm, her family were athiests and she had no influence from them.
She began to have these vision experiences all the time, sometimes every day and began to describe details of life in heaven and the earths future.
About the time Akaine started to get these visions, she began to take an interest in art, mainly she would sit for hours drawing faces.
She converted her family to Christianity now.
Anyway you must read her biography, you have to see her art, it's beautiful, but the story behind it is very out of the ordinary, she speaks 4 languages!
She wants people to find hope in her paintings.
Once she was asked "why did you paint a portrait of Jesus?"
She said:
"It was God's timing; I had been looking for a Jesus model for two years, and I could not find the right face. Then one day I asked my family to pray with me all day. We petitioned God to send the model right through our front door. The next day a tall carpenter came in. He was so humble, and I was surprised that he agreed to model for me. But a week later he called back to say that he was unworthy to represent his master.
We all prayed together again, and a few days later he called back to tell us that God wanted him to do it, but he had to cut his hair and beard in three days. So we took a few pictures and I studied his face for a long time. After dozens of sketches, I started painting. It took me 40 hours to finish the first Jesus painting –The Prince of Peace-- and I still remember I lost four teeth in that time! "

I think you will be pretty amazed here is her site where you can find out all about this special and beautiful girl
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okay ~ i have no idea how to even respond to this . . .

7:16 PM  

likey or no likey?

7:33 PM  

it majestic . . . if there is a fault found with this little child painting then . . . the fault is much more revealing about the critic than the painter!!

like i said before i don't even know what to say . . .

11:45 PM  

I'm not christian but i think what God is having her do is wonderful.

11:04 AM  

Yeah I think so too, she is amazing!

7:38 AM  

Akiane's painting and poems are great. Another child prodigy writer Adora Svitak's website also provides very interesting story. Adora is an eight year old author of Flying Fingers (296 pages) (will be published in China and Korea as well)check out the website

9:59 PM  

And I'm wondering - when God brought Akiane to her art, did He say "Make sure you copyright everything because some s.o.b. will try to enjoy it for himself without paying you?" In the examples I've seen, the copyright is Akian LLC (Limited Liability Company).

11:16 PM  

thanks anonymous I shall check that out.
Hi there Bob, i'm not sure what you mean about that. Do you mean that picture which I posted here of AKiane and her picture? Or do you mean that her art should be free for all to enjoy?

1:29 AM  

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