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Monday, June 27, 2005

Well excuse me!

A long time friend of mine from my former Church (the protestant Church, pre Catholic days) said to me "Oh you should have been at Church on sunday, pastor X spoke on (whatever it was) and it would have been great for you."
I thought to myself "Well excuse me but I DID go to Church, MY Church!" but she is a dear friend and I said "well I did go to my Church" in which she answered "well I know, I know I just mean....."
Why do people have to assume that being a Catholic is not being a Christian? I know people from my former Church that act like that around me, and are just waiting for me to be empty of the Holy Spirit and come crawling back with strongholds of demons all over me!
I love my friends from my old Church, and the Pastors etc, and have a huge respect for them, a lot of them have been wonderful friends to me and continue to be, but I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about a lot of people's perspectives on being a Catholic.
I bump into many of these people, who act like now they know God better than me.
Well HELLO! I don't worship Mary and the Saints, and i'm not going to go into that , it's such an issue with many. I am a Catholic woman, trying to do her best as a Christian, I love the Lord with everything im made of and try to be a good friend, sister, listener, helper etc to everyone I meet, I dont bow down to statues, worship idols, open up my spirit to the underworld or any of that people think Catholics do (nor do I worship the Pope)
So if anyone tells me that I should have been at Church on sunday, I'll tell them "you can always find me at St.Joseph"
The end, all vented out....ahhhhhhh
posted by Grace B at 9:19 PM


let me tell you that i have attempted on more than one occasion to join the catholic church and it has not been easy . . . nor has it been brought to completion either . . . we both protestants and catholics alike have are full quota of idiot doctrines and idiots answers to our innocent spirituality . . . everybody wants to ‘own’ everything instead of just letting us have a relationship with Jesus . . .

7:14 PM  

it's hard at times, but we just gotta slog on and do our best for our God. Hey hows those tomatoes?

7:34 PM  

I agree with your post. it is similar to those who say things like, "Oh, he is Catholic, but is he a Christian?" Or, "I'm a Catholic and I'm dating a Christian." Well, in that case, you're both Christians!

9:59 AM  

4hischurch, yeah exactly! I hear those types of things too! Thanks for your comment

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