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Monday, June 27, 2005


Today would have been my dads birthday, if he were alive here on earth. Along with the sadness I feel an excitement of it comming up because I keep birthday candles for him each year and then when June 27th comes up I get them out and light them near his photo.
It's a neat way of remembering and a good time for reflection. It's also my sisters birthday so "Happy Birthday Fay!"
Yesterday would have marked 3 years since my grandmother (dads mother) died, so today is time for some difficult and also good reflection.
Saying "Happy birthday Dad!" on my blog makes me feel better too.

Ok so something unrelated to June and my family, is that I found a special and uplifting page, relating to sadness and such. I think it's so inspiring, just CLICK HERE AND YOU WONT BE SORRY!
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i sort of enjoyed this post . . . and sort of not . . . its not personal you understand . . . bitter sweet . . . my father died at a young age . . . and i was young too . . . he meet my wife but never had an opportunity to see me living as an adult, as a father, as the mature man that he attempted to from within me . . . and that makes we sad really . . . he and his mother doed 3 hours apart on the same day . . . i had jsut come from preparing his funeral arrangements and was making a sandwich and went back to the funeral home to do it again for his mother . . . they both died on june 5th . . . his b-day was the american flag day . . . june 14th . . . and my sons birthday is june 13th . . . life is bitter sweet from time to time . . . peace to you:::

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Hey David,
Thanks for sharing that! Yeah well it would have been such a tough time for you and of course a bittersweet month since your son was born on june 13th.
It's amazing what strength we can draw from God.
Peace to you also

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