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Friday, June 24, 2005

Give me an "Awwwwww"

I was just lookin' around, and found this nice statue of Joseph with Jesus, I thought it was pretty cool and it just made me "awwwww" , since we have just had Fathers day (well in the USA) and have thought of our dads, God the father, and of course Joseph had such an important role as a father too, and as a good husband to Mary.
The Bible doesn't speak too much about Joseph, and I think his role in life was huge, how many of you men could possibly imagine bringing up Jesus and being the husband of Mary?
Here in this figurine, he looks so tender and loving, also like a strong and protective father, and I imagine God would have wanted all that in the man he would choose to hold the delicate baby Jesus, I believe he chose a fine man in Joseph.
You can buy this figurine HERE

also I thought this was funny:

posted by Grace B at 10:34 PM


indeed... St Joseph is the epitome of fatherhood, much like his chaste wife motherhood...

someone once joked to me St Joseph should've been the patron saint of insanely huge responsibilities: who else in the history of mankind had to wake up every morning to the Incarnation and the Immaculate Conception ... not to mention being their guardian... hehe

6:29 PM  

Thanks for sharing that joke, and how true! If anyone is going to be a patron Saint of insanely huge responsibilities who better than St.Joseph??

7:54 PM  

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