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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Talented Artist

As an art lover, I recently came across a very talented Artist by the name of Julian Beever. His art is just amazing.
He does all kinds of things, I particularly love his street art, where he uses a technique called "Anamorphic Illusions" he draws in a particular way, to make the picture seem 3 dimensional.
I have posted one of his pictures here and if you like it then you will definitely love his website where you can see more by going to his site Click here for the link
posted by Unknown at 5:00 PM


That's very impressive. Thanks for the intro to the artist.

8:26 PM  

He is so talented, and yes very impressive indeed, you are welcome and I hope you enjoy the rest of his work.

12:27 AM  

i went to that site because i was confused . . . then i realized that it really was a chalk drawing not a plastic coke bottle on the sidewalk . . . really wild . . .

4:29 AM  

Very, very cool art - thanks for introducing it to us!

5:26 PM  

Steve and David, Very glad you enjoyed it!

7:37 PM  

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