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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Sydney is such a beautiful city. Im writing a quick blog from the hotel since I have some unused minutes on my card.
Darling harbour is gorgeous and even though it's winter, it sure doesnt feel like it here.
Last night I sat and watched all the city lights reflecting on the water, it was so pretty that for a few moments I forgot my problems, unfortunately they don't get forgotten for long.
Hope every one is doing well. Thanks to those who wished me a safe trip and thanks for your prayers. Bye for now :)
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my little 'tribe' is travelling as well . . . loveable linda, jonathan, and me are now in colorado springs at the navigators headquaters . . . glen eyrie . . . it is a really cool place established at the middle of the 20th century . . . beautiful wood work and remarkable landscape . . .

4:36 PM  

Oh that's great! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed time.
thoughts and prayers to you and your family

6:11 PM  

Wow! You must really love your readers to use up the last of your minutes for this. *hugs*

9:05 PM  

Patrick, that's because YOU RULE!

11:30 PM  

BTW all my readers (the nice ones who like me ;) Rule!!!

5:43 PM  

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