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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Frasier, among other things

I don't watch much tv, but when I do, I like to watch something good. Which brings me to a show that I think is hilarious.
You can guess by now that it's "Frasier" it's so funny, I love it because the main actor Kelsey Grammar (or whatever you spell it like) plays a hilarious and uptight Doctor. It's the uptight funny thing which goes together that goes so well.
Another one of those shows is "That 70's show" which I wish I could watch more of also, Fez is a laugh, by now you can tell, I like comedy, because i'm not really an over serious person all the time and need to laugh, it's my medicine :)
Also there have been some great blogs to read, all people in my links list are great bloggers, I read all of them and they are there because I think they are the best.
Jonathan has posted on some great British comedy, I like that too, he has good taste....of course :)
Santa has reminded me how much I miss the beach, I love the beach, so many years ago my friends and I used to hang out there (teenage days) and had some great times, every new years eve there would be a huge beach party, and you could count on it, I would be there!
Patrick has reminded me of those "choose your own adventure" books, I soooo forgot about those, and I loved them! You would think if I really loved them I would not have forgotten them.
I would read them over until I found all the possible outcomes, so they were a bit of fun for those days, just as well because I won a prize for finnishing off a romance short story that was started by a writer and then some magazine made a "finnish the story" competition. Ok it was romance and I don't read those, but the ending was very dramatic. (I didnt win money, boo hoo)
Lastly I want to add, isnt this mouse the cutest thing ever? I love the way mice are, how cute!
And that's about all I want to say!
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i rated you today . . . just so you know someone is using the thing!!

"personal thoughts, opinions and so much more, from a Catholic revert who is passionate about her faith"

i rated it as 'the best' . . . because this post was true to your description . . . well done . . . you keep writing and we keep turning the pages . . .



8:32 AM  

Thank you so much! I rated you too when I first found bloghop and rated you "the best", in fact I found it from your site, before that I never heard of it.
So again thanks and same back to you!

4:07 PM  

aww.... "the best"? now, now... don't flatter my already-too-big head, hehehe.....

5:44 PM  

You read Choosies too? That's awesome!! And yes, that mouse is the cutest thing Ever! :D

11:42 AM  

Santa, aww that's ok just get a big head!
Patrick, yes I loved those! I forgot all about them and once I read your blog I was like "Oh yeah those!!" I'm glad you like the mouse, it's too cute! :)

3:51 PM  

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