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Thursday, July 21, 2005

New Blogger alert!

Hey everyone, I havent been updating much since i'm here in the USA ( having such a great time.)
My good friend Stefanie (aka: Stef) has a new blog!! Check her out here
And give her a nice blogger welcome!
posted by Grace B at 1:02 PM


glad to hear all is well and you are enjoying yourself . . .peace

2:26 PM  

Hola Carmel!
Thank you for your advertisement, I did the same on my blog with yours and Jonathans blog :)
Keep enjoying America!

6:24 AM  

David, thank you! Yeah it's been good here although my trip was awful, my flights were delayed and I had to sleep in the airport, I wasnt very happy at that time!

You are welcome, im glad you finally got a blog up, I have been waiting ;)

8:02 AM  

Glad you are enjoying the States! Give us details when you can.

6:29 AM  

Thanks! I will certainly fill you in. God bless you!

8:50 PM  

Welcome to the USA! I love your name Carmel and this Dominican appreciates that you have chosen Catherine as your patron saint. Are you here permanently?

3:54 PM  

Thank you so much! I am going back to Australia but should be back permanantly by the end of this year. Also St.Catherine of Siena is my patron saint :-)

6:55 PM  

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