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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Debunking the Da Vinci Code

Debunking the Da Vinci Code
I think this is an appropriate article, since today is the day for St.Mary Magdalene, the way she is portrayed in the Da Vinci code is absolute nonesense and disrespectful.
Click on the link above if you would like to know more about her.
posted by Grace B at 10:22 AM


Did you read Da Vinci Code?

7:47 PM  

I havent actually read the book, only small parts and have discussed it with friends etc.
I know it's just a made up story and i'm not against that, and if people like it then im ok with that too.
Personally I find it disrespectful that someone would write about Jesus being married, and to Mary Magdalene, also that they share a child, and thought since it were Mary Magdalenes day that I would link over to some things written about it.

8:27 AM  

I read the Da Vinci Code. Carmel, don't waste your time and your mental energy.

Yeah, it's fiction but he does everything he can to make it seem as though he's done quality research and is making a plausible historical argument. It's very deceptive.

Even the reviews say, well...the story is fiction, but Brown has done his homework. He hasn't. He's read three or four bad books from the 70's.

Anyway. i'll stop ranting. I gave a lecture on the Da Vinci Code last year. Two hours thirty minutes of me explaining why this is all wrong.

11:05 AM  

I haven't read the book. However, I find it frustrating that when I am in a bookstore looking for books about Mary, all I can find are books about Mary Magdalene. It's very frustrating.

4:08 PM  

If you're looking for a good book on Mary, the Mother of Jesus, I'd recommend "Hail, Holy Queen" by Scott Hahn.

8:05 PM  

there is something very fundemental that i dislike about the da vinci code's message . . . however, there is also something almost refreshing (but not) in hearing other perspectives . . . its confusing even to me . . .

8:38 PM  

Anastasia, thanks for your input, I like how you "tell it like it is" :-) I will be keeping myself updated on your blog about "Greece"!!!

I'm interested in reading that book Jonathan recommended to you.

Lovable Linda,
I'm confused about the whole thing too!
Nice to hear from you guys!

6:53 PM  

carmel ~ loveable linda is my wife and the blogger template automatic loaded her name on the last comment and i didn't notice it until today . . . sorry . . . i'm such an idiot at times . . .

8:08 PM  

David! So it was YOU! :-) That's ok, easy mistake

1:00 PM  

I just want to say at this time that I have read Da Vinci code, and that the book presents some ideas that warrant further consideration without the requirement that the details within the book be factual.

When I first started writing this comment, it ended up being very long before I was even done and I realised I have much to say on the matter, as many of my ideas and suppositions require further elaboration.
But my position is aggressive and I don't want to risk being inflammatory on your blog, Carmel. When I look at your list of bloglinks and see me there, I realise that most of those sites have something in common that I do not share, and that makes me feel very special. I cherish our involvement with each other because I know what a fantastic person you must be to be so devoted to your religion and to still be the great friend to me that you have been, despite very contrary viewpoints in this one matter.

When I finish my "piece", with your permission, I'll just post a link to it here.

6:40 AM  

Patrick, I emailed u but for the blog record, you have my permission,it's always good to hear what u have to say

4:50 AM  

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