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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The "IM bored" post

Yeah this is my "I'm bored and will write anything" blog.
It's so windy here, bits of trees have been falling here and there, and Melbourne had some damaging weather. Although nowhere near as bad as the places hit by Hurricane Katrina.
I do love the wind though (not hurricane or tornado type!!) I love the sound it makes when you are inside, I always sleep so good on stormy nights!

I can't believe fuel prices have gone up so high! Here in Australia we can expect the cost of fuel to be $1.40 or $1.50 per litre,(yes in Australia we spell litre this way, not liter like spell check tells me) I don't know the conversion to gallons but let me tell you, it's costing a fortune! I think I better take up walking more frequently.

I wanted to post all these photos that I took with my cell phone, but I have no idea how to download them through a program I have called bluetooth, maybe later down the track.

I have a cold too :( but I'm full of energy at the same time, spring is in the air and it's lookin good, smelling good and feeling good, I love all the seasons, spring is my favorite but winter with the dead trees (yes I like them) comes close.

I have been reading more blogs lately before I go to bed, so much is happening!
That's all from me at this bored moment....
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Gas is outrageous here too. In some parts of MD, its near $3.00 a gallon. I hear because of hurricane damage to parts of the U.S. that it will get higher still.

5:43 AM  

Gas probably will shoot higher. Gasoline futures are at around US$2.30 right now, meaning that with tax and mark-up US$3.00/gallon for most of the nation looks likely. I think we will just have to drive less. I know for a fact going to town to eat a 5 dollar meal isn't worth the 4-6 premium it costs to get there.

10:28 AM  

Wow! prices have certainly gone up since I visited and that was only last month!

4:11 PM  

Yeah prices have sky rocketed this month, and now they are going up again due to the hurricane closing down all the refineries in the gulf! It is crazy.

I have to agree with you that sleeping on a stormy night is the best. My favorite is rain and lightning. Just something about it soothes my soul.

5:21 PM  

I think it's time to get a bicycle. Carmel, you look different! I like it.

9:16 PM  

Thanks! I decided to change some things around here, yeah perhaps I should get a bicyle after all!

She's a sprite,
Perfect words to descripe sleeping on a stormy night! "soothing to the soul"

10:59 PM  

Hey Carmel,
concerning the fuel prices it is crazy over here! We have the highest ever which is in Australian dollars about 2,80 per litre. Ha, ha, ha, my bycicle is good sometimes but not in winter or if you have to go very far

3:21 PM  

Wow Stef! That is higher than Australia's price, I hope it goes down and fast!

10:08 PM  

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