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Friday, August 19, 2005

Special words

"Dear friends, this deep gratitude for a gift of divine mercy is uppermost in my heart in spite of all. And I consider it a special grace which my Venerable Predecessor, John Paul II, has obtained for me. I seem to feel his strong hand clasping mine; I seem to see his smiling eyes and hear his words, at this moment addressed specifically to me, "Do not be afraid!". "
Pope Benedict XVI
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Beautiful words by the Holy Father! He loved John Paul II and I wouldn't be surprised if he considered him his patron saint for his petrine ministry. I truly believe that they have a more closer relationship now that John Paul II is in Heaven.

12:21 AM  

St.peter's helpers,
I believe that too, that they are more closer in relationship with John Paul II in heaven. That is a good observation about the Holy Father considering John Paul II his patron saint. I'm glad we have a great Holy Father.

4:18 PM  

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