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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Susan Anne Catherine Torres!

Update: With great sadness I write that Susan Anne Catherine Torres, passed away after surgery, only 5 weeks old. Keep the family in your prayers after this tough battle.
Now reunited with her mother and in the care of God

You can light a prayer candle online for Susan Anne Catherine Torres, or for her family by clicking HERE

Previous blog entry:

Here is a PHOTO
Of the gorgeous Susan Anne Catherine Torres, a miracle baby girl!

Also: R.I.P to Susan Torres, mother of the newborn girl
posted by Grace B at 11:25 AM


What a gift! Praise be to God!

2:43 PM  

so tiny!

5:51 PM  

What a miracle! May her mother smile down from heaven, and may the family receive peace through her new life.

7:41 PM  

she's dead. where's your god now?

miracle, indeed.

11:49 AM  

I guess everything happens for a reason..but I have hard time to understand where is God now, maybe Nietzsche was right, maybe God is dead..

2:35 PM  

God is not to blame, it's a shame u think this way

4:20 PM  

May the peace of God be with the family. Physical death is always painful, and difficult to understand with situations such as these. Mom and child are beautifully reunited, all part of God's perfect plan. Although we never can understand it, we certainly with our faith know that He has a greater plan. And NO God is never dead, only our faith. Pray feverantly that this gift bestows back to you.

6:18 PM  

I mentioned Nietzsche because everything is so confusing..what is it " What a gift! Praise be to God!" as "St. Peter's helpers" wrote OR "Mom and child are beautifully reunited, all part of God's perfect plan" as "Anonymous said..."

What is the truth? How He abondoned His own creation? His own miracle..The precious Life He gave through the woumb of a brain dead woman..
For me it was a celebration of life, proof that miracles happen, I felt like "St. Peter's helpers" felt..
Please don't be blasphimous and tell me all the sudden you discovered God's purpose was to reunite them! How easy excuse. It is easy to repeat what we hear in church but there is more to seek, more to wonder about and yes, even some rocky faith to attempt to strengthen.

8:32 PM  

and just for the record my name is Miltas.

8:36 PM  

Some of the comments were written here before the baby girl died, St.Peters helpers, anastasia
and maria linda all wrote this before.
I do not believe that God abandoned her, we cannot understand God's ways all the time, but our faith in him should not cease because of a death, death is a part of what we are.
This is indeed a very sad moment, which I do not understand.
I do believe that this baby girl is in the hands of God, and her family first got the chance to meet her, even though now it is a sad time, if she had died in her mothers womb, her father would never have met her.
Was it Gods will to keep the mother alive in the hospital? I don't know, but we cannot blame him for death, no matter how we die or when, this is a part of life.
God promises a life with him after death and I believe this to be true, no matter what I see here on earth.
Don't be discouraged that miracles don't happen, there are many, everyday things happen, even in this world where we are having difficult times.
I pray that you will be encouraged in some way.

9:17 PM  

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