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Monday, August 08, 2005

Vines, Wines & Good times...

This week, Jonathan and I went to visit the Ferrante winery in Geneva, Ohio
It was a beautiful place with good food, wine and a great kept vineyard.
It was neat to see a vineyard when I am so far from home, all I know is growing up in a region full of vineyards in Australia.
Before I was born, my family owned the same vineyard we own now.
We had lunch at Ferrante followed by some wine tasting, my favorite is Merlot, just for the record....I don't drink much.
We then went outside and enjoyed the property, while some band played accordions, it brought back memories of my dad when he used to play for us.
All in all this place is neat, and I recommend it for anyone who is visiting the Geneva region, if you don't like wine then you will surely like the food and surroundings.
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2:50 PM  

okay . . . now that you have been updated on all of the stocks in the penny stock bulletin boards . . . you are not that far from where loveable linda and i live . . . that area is rich in soil and from NE Ohio to NW Pennsylvania surrounding Erie is rich in vineyard . . . as a matter of fact i am pretty sure that the region is only second to California in vineyards . . . the juice in this region goes mostly to welchs grape juice!!!

9:19 PM  

Nice to hear from you, I havent been home so I have not paid too much attention to my blog lately.
So you live close by? WOW, it's so nice there, I really like it a lot, I had a great time in that area.
Also, I had the opportunity to see some of lake Erie, GORGEOUS!

1:33 AM  

we live about 2 hours south of erie . . . if you have the opportunity the mountains in west virginia are really amazing if you like that sort of thing . . .

9:33 PM  

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