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Monday, August 15, 2005

Nothing in particular

My American tour is now over, I had a great time, although on my way to Jonathan's my flights were delayed, we can thank the weather! I ended up sleeping in Washington Dulles airport on some chairs :-( I was not a happy chappy.
But the next day I was on a high because I finally got to see him.
We always have a great time and got to do so much again.
Jonathan has been a Catholic for one year now, whooo hoo! It's also my mums birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER!! So what does she decide to do for her birthday? Cook, it's her hobby I suppose.
My brother gave me a new cell phone today, I'm not into fancy phones but since it was offered, I took it ;) it has this really cool video feature on it, so far I have video taped my cat 10 times! I video taped my mum cooking, and my aunt while she was washing dishes. So I have been having fun, I would love to show you on here but I don't know how.
I'm also reading a great book by Bill Carter called "Fools rush in" it's a memoir of his time during the sarajevo war, apart from the foul language i'm loving it, someone rated it as "the pages will burn your fingers" and they are right.
So now that I'm back ,it's time to adjust to being home, and look forward to going back. Bye folks x
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I'm glad you had a good visit with Jonathan in the States. We hope to see you back here. May the Lord grant you a safe flight home! Hear from you soon.

11:29 PM  

st.peter's helpers,
Thank you! I'm hoping for a quick return!

4:04 PM  

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