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Monday, August 22, 2005

Fools Rush In

I just finished a great read by
Bill Carter he has written a memoir about his time in Sarajevo and what he did about getting the war and what was happening there, out to the rest of the world, with help from U2's Bono and the rest of the band.
I find Bill Carter to be a great man and so honest, he finds goodness amongst all that bad.
If you are up for a good book, then
Fools Rush In is my recommendation.
posted by Grace B at 2:18 AM


This looks like a good one! I will have to check it out.

What else are you reading these days?

6:50 AM  

Hey Wayne!
I'm looking for a good book at the moment, any suggestions?
Nice to hear from you!

4:53 PM  

Hey Carmel!
My friend has just recommended a book to me whic is called "Illuminati" But I dont know if it has a different title in English. It must be really good, you better check it out on theĀ“internet cos I forgot what it is mainly about. I am very forgetful these days...:)

12:05 AM  

hey Stef!
I will check that book out. I am loving your posts about world youth day! xxx

12:29 AM  

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