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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Not so creative maybe

Yes I changed my photo :) I decided that a change is as good as a holiday! And I want to try changing the way my blog looks, but when I work out this html, I havent really bothered with it much, but want to have a go.
I have a photo special effects program on my PC and I tried being creative by turning my picture to black and white, yeah that's not really creative, I promise to do something more artsy in the future, for now I shall stick with the dorky black and white old day style.
posted by Grace B at 9:12 PM


Personally I love black and white photos.

8:18 AM  

Jack, yeah I like them too :)

2:18 PM  

change is always good . . . and so is the black & white picture . . .

8:56 PM  

Thanks David! I have been wanting to change the look of my blog a little :)

12:39 AM  

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