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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Things and all that...

The new attack on Bali is such sad news. I always dreamed of visiting Bali, being so beautiful, great weather and close to Australia made it one of my dream places to visit. I highly doubt that I would go now. I feel for the tourism business there, which will suffer immensely. But of course I feel for the wounded and the families of the dead, and pray for them all, there are people yet to find out if their loved ones are dead or alive. But I do know that people will move on and rebuild their lives and keep a strong spirit.

On a totally different subject, I hear Kermit the frog is going on tour! I heard it on the radio, hey he is a star. About Kermits Tour

Around the blog world..
I have made some discoveries indeed, the other day I went to one of my favorite blogs (I have lots of favorites) over at Dymphnas Well and found a blog through here called The Rebelution it's a blog maintained by 2 brothers, these guys are amazing, just today I was reading a post called "Faith n fire" where they write about "after death" and the theory of do we cease to exist and all that jazz, if you wanna know just go there and find out for yourselves.
I have been loving a lot of the links from 7 Dolors
you can find some excelent reads there.
I came across a great photo page belonging to Dano this guy is very talented with a camera, I love art in a lot of ways, there is nothing like good photography, and good photography needs to be recognized. I found it through a new blog that I have been reading by the beautiful Heather from Thoughts of a Sprite yah I'm addicted to her blog, .
I'm not here just advertising sites and blogs, these are my honest opinions and I want to post about what I like.
Also I found a new to me blog, after he commented on my site I wanted to see "who" he was and "what" he writes, well I discovered it was a great read, especially his post here How many bloggers does it take to change a light bulb ?
As for websites, well thanks to I'm Patrick I found a funny cartoon type thing called Home star runner I don't get time to watch it but what I have seen is pretty funny, there is a character I love called Cheat, he is just so cheaty!! He is so cute that he deserves his photo right here on this post:
cute right? Well I think so.
Also someone I know says to me "You look like Catherine Zeta Jones" I thought to myself, wow I do? really? whoa, then he says "yeah if it were darker in here and you were standing 10 feet away and perhaps after a few drinks" ......what a brat!!! He was just kidding around of course and I thought it was funny.
I took the "napoleon dynamite quiz" I dont know what that is really, a tv show perhaps? and I came up with this:
You are Pedro Sanchez and love holy chips.

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

HAHAHAHAA, him?... me?... I hardly got cousins and no moustache, and can someone tell me, what a Tia Concha is? (why couldnt I get Catherine Zeta Jones?) but hey he's ok, and has nice hair and a sun tan :)
Ok that's all from me for now, I have spoken!!!
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Napolean Dynamite is a MTV movie released last year here in North America. I developed a huge indie/cult following while still in theaters becuase of its comedic style.

Thanks for the visit. I'll be sure to stop by again!

6:33 AM  

Rich, you're welcome! I was looking through "crazy rants of Samatha Burns" links and came accross your site and loved the photos!!!
Thanks for the fill in of Napoleon Dynamite, it looked like a fun quiz. I was hopin to be one of the ladies!

4:18 PM  

I ended being Kip, Napolean's older, dweeb of a brother.

I'm on samantha burn's blog...hmm. i'll have to go look.

2:18 PM  

Yup you are, surprise! Both our guys look pretty dweeby

4:53 PM  

Just nothing like a Napoleon Dynamite quiz.

9:35 AM  

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